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Hello, my name is Sam, this is my podcast called Rebel Hearts. In January 2017, I was involved in a podcast with a friend where we focused on pop culture and feminism. In April of 2017, I started Rebel Hearts to focus on something I knew best: music. All I needed was a name. the night I got the idea, I was thinking of names and drawing inspiration from movies and books and even music. My favorite movie is (500) days of summer and in the script director Marc Webb says "Pretty girls with rebel hearts are in high demand" which was a tattoo I was going to get in 2015 and I knew that was it. In April, I put out two episodes. They didn't go anywhere for awhile, but I didn't let it stop me. Since then, Rebel Hearts has reached 15,000 listened in it's first year with over 30 episodes. Rebel Hearts is a non profit podcast created to edcuate and talk about the sexism within our music scene and celebrate the women in it. This was started to create a community amongst music fans, something I never had growing up. I feature music by bands who you may never heard of and always support underground artists and bands.


The show is about to start, if you want to listen, I will see you at the front.