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Episode Guide

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(1) An intro to the podcast and I talk about Hayley Williams of Paramore and why she inspires me, how this started, and the "Can You Deal?" zine. I feature music by Bully


(2) Kissing women on stage and why that's wrong and problematic. I feature music by Punch and Lemuria


(3) TW: I talk about the rape allegations Jackie Fox of The Runaways made against their manager and how she blames Cherie and Joan for seeing it and not doing anything. I also take on the Front Porch Step allegations. I feature music by the bands Now, Now and Heirsound


(4) I talk all about Laura Jane Grace and her memoir "Tranny" I feature music by the bands G.L.O.S.S and Painting Rockets


(5) How women in emo songs are portrayed with excerpts from the book "The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic" by Jessica Hopper and why "Hey There Delilah" is a stalker anthem. I feature music  The Groots and Gouge Away


(6) I invited my friend Patrick to this episode who wanted to talk about how he feels more represented by female pop artists as a gay man rather than male artists because of the lack of popular gay male role models in the music genre. I feature music by Tillie and Heirsound


(7) A song by song review with clips of the new Paramore record "After Laughter". I feature music by the band Upset


(8) I invited my friend Kristi to talk about the sexism and lack of women in country music. I also talk about The Chainsmokers and why they're misogynists and she tells you guys about Lipsense. I feature music by Tillie and Now, Now


(9) An episode about how the daily mail claims Ariana Grande was targeted because of the way she dresses. I also discuss the sexism against the way women dress. I feature music by 18th and Addison and Bleached


(10) An episode all about the issue of bi-erasure in pop music. I talk about Halsey and her endless struggle to prove she's worthy of being seen as a queer woman. I feature music by Necter, Heirsound and Intona


(11) I continue on about Bi-erasure and Halsey and her fight with Demi Lovato and Katy Perry. I feature music by RIVALS and Manic Pixi


(12) Mental illness. Hayley Williams and Lynn Gunn's takes, also mention the War on Women articles on how Warped Tour is still perpetuating sexism. I feature music by Gouge Away, Dollskin and War on Women


(13) My friend Patrick is back, we talk about how good Lorde's record "Melodrama" is, Lana Del Rey and her impact, and how artists and fans treating each other is so crucial. I feature music by Taylor Janzen and Katie Hargrove


(14) I talk about violence in our music scene against women, creating a safe space at shows, and the Tegan Quinn and Lynn Gunn Nylon interview about being out and being role models for the LGBTQ community. I feature music by Megaweapon and Sports.


(15) TW: Today, I talk about the tragic suicide of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. I talk about how suicide is NOT selfish, how his death affected so many people, and others who have struggled with mental illness and Laura Jane Grace overcoming her suicide attempt. I feature music by Chanele McGuinness and Carousel Scene


(16) I have Youtuber and Paramore Fam member Wesley Lindsey! this episode we talk all about how much Paramore means to us and his whirlwind exit/in show experience. I also talk about the conversation of how you can still be a feminist and have made mistakes in the past and hopefully finally put to rest the "Misery Business" lyric that people for some reason still talk about a decade later. I feature music by The Winter Passing and The Village Bicycle


(17) Today, I talk about the Taylor Swift Groping case that's been picking up attention, touch on the Kesha vs Dr. Luke case, and Lady Gaga opening up about her PTSD. I also talk about Mel B of the Spice Girls having to pay her abuser and the Nylon article calling it out. I feature music by Domestikated, Strawberry Runners and Boston Marriage


(18) I finish up the Taylor Swift grope case, continue the talk about safe spaces, homophobia in our music scene and how we can do better. I feature music by Be your own Pet and One Last Embrace


(19) I did another review episode, this time for the new Pvris record "All we Know of Heaven, All we Need of Hell". I feature music by Bully


(20) I talk about the zine "Do what you Want" that Sara Quinn spoke to about mental health, Lynn Gunn talking about what it feels like to have the new Pvris record out, St Vincent and Florence Welch on their battles with mental illness, and updates on Hayley Williams and her own struggles and how she doesn't want to turn "depression" into a selling point. I feature music by Dump Him and Hop Along


(21) Getting onstage for Misery Business at a Paramore show and endless thank you's to everyone who helped make it happen. I feature music by Now, Now.


(22) the #metoo movement, and the Harvey Weinstein allegations. I feature music by Neaux and Painting Rockets


(23) Double standards. Starting off with why Brendon Urie can say "whore" and it's fine, but Hayley Williams says it and she's slut shaming. Double standards in every genre, and Alice Glass on leaving her abusive relationship with her bandmate in Crystal Castles. I feature music by Wrenn and Small Talks


(24) Part 1 of a song by song review of the 2017 album "Lust for Life" by Lana Del Rey. I am joined again by Patrick, who is a huge and dedicated fan. 


(25) A line by line lyric analysis of the song "No Friend" by Paramore featuring Aaron Weiss of Mewithoutyou from their 2017 album "After Laughter". I feature music by Expel


(26) An entire discussion with my friend Molly about the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory and everything about what makes her an icon even today. I play music by Stress Dolls 


(27) I am joined by my friend Sal to talk about the allegations against Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey, growing up on Long Island and the music scene we were a part of, and the bands who are setting the example on how to handle these situations. I play music by Waxahatchee


(28) Part 2 of the "Lust for Life" song by song review with Patrick. I play music by Honey Gentry


(29) A song by song review of Paramore's 2009 record "Brand New Eyes"


(30) Time magazine's person of the year cover and what is good and bad about it, and breaking down the allegations against Melanie Martinez. I feature music by Velvet Noise and Turon Midget

(31) The lack of women at music festivals and the alarming stats about it. I feature music by Lorenz Coleen and Eat your Heart out

(32) Joined again by Patrick and we talk all about the Grammy robberies and the Oscars, the records that deserved better, and should we even care about it anymore? lots of important questions and fun, Pat really shines in his element. I feature music by Torres and Kali Uchis

(33) Halsey's heartbreaking women's march speech, why we should leave Alessia Cara alone about her Grammy win, and Steven Tyler is the worst and examples I wish I didn't have to read. I feature music by Great Grandpa and Angel Olsen

(34) TW: Today, I am talking about the end of Warped again while talking about the Austin Jones allegations from 2015 and why Kevin Lyman is clueless. I feature music by Olivia Hudson and Field Mouse

(35) Today, Pat and I take on the Oscars, the Uma Thurman "New York Times" article, Rose McGowen, Lana Del Rey being sued, and almost kidnapped, Rupaul disappointing us, and in defense of Emma Stone. I feature music by Exes

(36) Today, I talk about the March for our Lives march, the female musicians who marched and performed and why it's important they are using their platform for causes this important, why representation matters and why Love, Simon is what 2018 needed, and why Harry Styles isn't a "lesbian icon". I feature music by Painting Rockets, Kississippi, and Alina Baraz

(37) Today, I talk about the problems with Coachella and Cardi B. I feature music by Mr Little Jeans and Jazz Morley

(38) Pat came on to talk with me about the reasons baby boomers hate Beyonce and why it's not acceptable and also why women are more easily "cancelled" than men, and how uplifting and important Beyonce and other women are. I feature music by Billie Eilish

(39) Today, I go song by song by the new album "Saved" by Now, Now.

(40) Today, in honor of pride month, I finally finished my episode on the "Girls" controversy, and read the newest Paper Magazine essay written by Hayley Williams of Paramore on mental health. I feature music by See and Shura

(41) Today, Pat and I talk about all things pride. Icons of the LGBTQ community from the last few decades, our pride playlist go to's, our fav LGBTQ movies and our fav allys. I feature music by Snail Mail and King Princess

(42) Today, I am finally back with a new episode talking about Nicki Minaj and how we are quick to cancel women for men's mistakes (what else is new), Is "God is a woman" a power anthem or just another victim of the male gaze, and Gay musicians on being called "gay icons" also talking about the shift in movies and how what's coming is better for the future. I feature music by Gouge Away, Soccer Mommy and Taylor Janzen

(43) Today, Pat and I talk about the obsession media has with women's trauma and why are we just talking about it now and why in bulk. I feature music by Let's Eat Grandma and Clairo

(44) Today, Rebel Hearts has it's first interview. It is with the lovely Kat Hamilton formerly the front woman of the pop punk band "Manic Pixi". Kat talks about how the last year of her life with the band destroyed her and how she made the band her "God" and how she now believes in not making anyone or anything that high up above you, she talks about her new music, what it was like being the front woman to a band she felt wasn't going anywhere and how hard it was to heal. She also talks about how bands like Paramore and Death Cab for Cutie helped her release her most vulnerable to the bone music and what it means to people like her as a listener to hear people she has looked up to bearing their souls for strangers. Kat offers advice to girls starting or are in bands and I feel personally she had a lot of great things to say. I feature Music by Kat and Mitski

(45) Today, I finally got to do an episode with my best friend Cait where we recorded in Nashville, TN after Paramore's farewell show to their iconic 2017 album "After Laughter". We talked all about the show and how much closer to Nashville and Paramore we feel. I feature music by Coin and Liza Anne 

(46) Today, Cait is back again (or just another episode since this was the same day) and we talk about everywhere in Nashville we think you should visit, our trip, hanging out for the first time, and I touch on Ariana Grande getting blamed for leaving Mac Miller and being blamed for his tragic passing. I feature music by Nightingail

(47) Today, I got the chance to interview Aaron Weiss of the band mewithoutYou on their set of their upcoming video for their new song "Julia" that will be on the record that will be out everywhere by the time this episode comes out. I have been a fan of them for over 8 years now and I sat down to ask him about if being in a band for almost 20 years has broken or healed him, the new record, if he ever questions the lyrics he writes, and I also ask all about his collaboration with Paramore on the track "No Friend" and how he got involved and how trying to write from the point of view of someone so adored scared him. I feature music by Becca Mancari

(48) Today, Pat and I talked about Kanye and how we are tired of "celebrities" jamming their MAGA agenda down our throats when all we are trying to do is survive this shitty political climate, why we still don't support Azalea Banks, and how Lana Del Rey remains one of our favorites. I feature music by
Adrianne Lenker

(49) Today, I took a break from my unannounced hiatus to FINALLY make the song by song review episode for Troye Sivan's 2018 album "Bloom".

(50) Today, is episode 50 of Rebel Hearts. Wow. I had Pat by my side as we talked about a lot of things. Ariana Grande in general but the "Thank U, Next" video, the really poorly written article (now taken down) about how she was anti queer, anti trans, and her "heterosexual narrative", her being told she's milking Mac Miller's death, and her Billboard "Woman of the Year" speech. We also talked about the 2019 Grammy nominations and it's diversity (finally) and why I think some of the noms were strange. We also talked about Poppy and Grimes and also touched on Matty Healy's comment about how there isn't misogyny in rock n roll and then his apology. I feature music by Poppy and Grimes and also their Collab track "Play. Destroy

(51) Happy 2019! Today, I talk about "Surviving R. Kelly", Drake and why we should unstan, how the weeknd made a poor choice with his new song, all the beef surrounding "7 rings" and musicians being at the mercy of their mental health. I feature music by Ex:Re, Two Feet, and MorMor

(53) Today, Pat and I talk about the Oscars, which is very funny because this year we saw maybe 3 of the movies nominated this year. We also talked about The Grammy winners and disagreed on a lot of things. Basically, justice for Gritty, and thank GOD "This is America" got what it deserved. I feature music by Fletcher

(54) Today, one of my closest friends joins me for the first time on Rebel Hearts, founding member of the movie gang, Chad! Chad and I have a long history of watching movies together from living the Movie Pass (R.I.P) dream, to expanding our friendship across state lines. Today is Sunday which is Oscar night and in addition to episode 53, Chad and I talk about our ballots for tonight's show and how we think and who we want to win. Also towards the end we watch and react to the trailer for my most talked about least favorite movie, "The Snowman". I feature music by Lizzo


(55) Today, I went through my Twitter bookmarks after being on a break and I talked about the deal with Manchester Pride and Ariana Grande, the ridiculous merch Chris B*own made, I went on a rant about minding your business about celebrity relationships and how I feel about the toxicity of wanting to know about things that don't concern us, and a quick recap of the Oscar highlights. I feature music by King Princess