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Podcasting by a dummy

April 29, 2018


Since I started Rebel Hearts last year, I have gotten enough asks about how to get started or what I use I wanted to make this blog post so I don't have to keep repeating and possibly forgetting something that can help someone.


First of all, I don't know anything, I started podcasting with a friend early 2017 and neither of us had an idea what we were doing, we just kind of guessed and did what we could. It came out decent enough and nobody seemed to notice we were faking it until we made it, so I just kind of took it from there when I began Rebel Hearts.


Things you need:

1. A mic

2. a laptop with a program to record

3. a host site

4. an idea


that's the bare bones of what you need. When I started I used this mic. It's a simple USB mic under $30 and it did it's job. Since we recorded in my kitchen which was a HUGE open space, I also bought foam squares for cheap which I still use in my room now where I record, it helped a little bit. I also picked up a cheap windscreen which was helpful as well. I had a Macbook from 2008 that was our only way of recording, I used Garage band and it was sufficient enough. 


Soundcloud might be shit and was rumored to be going under last year, but so far it is the best host site I have found and it's the easiest one to use. I pay for the monthly one because you get unlimited uploads, which we found out we needed after 3 episodes. 


so that was the early stages of podcasting for me, my Mac was so old I couldn't download any new updates and we couldn't upload episodes from my computer and my friend's laptop was only for internet so we used my Dropbox on her laptop to upload to Soundcloud. The quality wasn't amazing, but it was enough considering it was at a kitchen table and we were using books as stands for everything. 


When I started Rebel Hearts, that's when I got an upgrade. Currently I have a windows 7 laptop with Audacity (free program), A Shure SM-57 (I have also another one for guests) I use this mic arm which is under $15 and works REALLY well, and I bought 2 cheap foam windscreens to cover the mics. I also have a focusrite interface with 2 outputs which works really well, I got it off Facebook Marketplace which I got for $40 cheaper. My sound quality is SIGNIFICANTLY better now, if you listen to up until episode 8 on Rebel Hearts, you hear the difference between the USB mic and the Shure.



That's really it. I don't EQ or do much editing to my episodes if I do at all, I don't really get into the big production or try to over EQ or anything on the podcast, I really just like doing it I don't want to pretend I know anything about sound or mixing, so if you were wondering how to make your episodes sound good and polished I am NOT the person to ask.


If you don't care about the quality and you just wanna have fun on a budget, the USB mic was great, I used it in a room and not an open kitchen after some time and it wasn't horrible, the more sound proofing you can do will also help and stay on budget, if you're starting out and just having fun, that USB mic is the way to go.


hopefully this helped answer some questions people have, like I said I am not someone who should probably give podcasting advice because I don't even know what I'm doing, but this is how Rebel Hearts does it, and this is what I used on a budget, if anyone wants anymore advice, please get in touch!

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